Smart Home Devices for 2018

It’s easy to keep an eye on the house, because we live in the 21st century – we have the Internet, wireless communication and smart devices. About gadgets that protect the house, as well as help to look after the child, save electricity and cook, we’ll tell you below.

System Smart Home Suite

Mi-System Smart Home Suite

Smart Home Suite is a set of sensors responsible for measuring temperature, fixing movement, opening / closing windows and doors. And one of the sensors is a doorbell. All you need is to install the sensors in the apartment in any convenient and proper place, legally with a smartphone, pre-installing a special application. For example, the sensors that fix the opening and closing are installed on windows and doors. Sensor-doorbell – in the corridor. Motion detectors, temperature detectors – where you deem fit. Moreover, this system works also with the ZigBee protocol, which means that Smart Home Suite can be connected to any other smart home system. Devays notify you of all changes in the house, sending a signal to the phone. Recharged sensors from the network, have a backlight, work with Wi-Fi. You can buy a hub in the store for 60$.

Wireless alarm Ajax StarterKit

The wireless home alarm set consists of several sensors made of environmentally friendly materials, so do not worry if the baby pulls the gadget in his mouth like a toy. The system consists of a hub, a motion sensor that reacts to a person from its first step in the room, a universal sensor for opening windows and doors and a key fob for controlling the entire security system. You can also manage from your smartphone using the application. The system is equipped with SmartDetect technology, capable of recognizing images, filtering thermal interference from drafts and conditioners, FresnelTech optics, which are not afraid of light and electromagnetic interference. And Ajax guarantees control of the system in the most remote places and with very poor quality of communication: the IoT-protocol works even at a GPRS speed of 0.5 kbit / s. If an attacker enters your home, the system will send a notification to the smartphone, and StarterKit can be connected to the console of any security agency in one click. You can buy the kit on the site for 180$.

Baby Monitor iBaby

Baby Monitor iBaby

The video monitor will help to look after the baby. The device is controlled by iOS and Android devices, and the lineup consists of M6 (without built-in hygrometer and thermometer) and M6T (with built-in hygrometer and thermometer). However, the design of the gadgets are similar – they resemble the form of a tumbler and are equipped with magnetic stands, high-quality sound and high-precision motion sensors, a night vision system and a function of LED lighting. Also, the device can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and the maximum angle of inclination is 110 degrees. The video monitor is able to make a series of photos when the sound sensor triggers, and the built-in music player will calm and lull the child. IBaby has the ability to create voice messages and record video in HD-quality. You can buy the M6 ​​model at for 80$, and M6T for for 190$.

Smart socket Xiaomi Mi

Wi-Fi-outlet with an additional USB-output allows you to remotely monitor the status of home appliances at home, turn them on and off on a timer. The outlet can be used as a normal charging device for mobile devices, or it can be used to control the switching on and off of household appliances while outside the apartment. The timer will allow, for example, to boil the kettle or turn on the air conditioner to cool the rooms, to your return from work. Remote control of the gadget via Wi-Fi is carried out using a special application Mi Home, which must be downloaded to the Android-device. For sale at с for 20$.


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