DJ Equipment for Beginners

But, before you spend a lot of money to buy everything you need, make sure that you are really ready to make investments. It does not necessarily become a DJ just because you like this style of music and you want to be the king of the dance floor. DJing also requires theoretical knowledge in the field of electronic music.

However, if you feel that you are ready for this, then it’s time to take the first step towards the dream and buy the necessary equipment.



Most experts agree that it is better not to save on buying vinyl record players. Too cheap turntables (decks) will not allow you to fully enjoy the sound of vinyl. At a minimum, you have to spend about $ 700 to buy decks. Only in this case you will be able to acquire a more or less decent pair of turntables.

What to choose: a player with a direct drive or a belt drive.

All vinyl players can be divided into two types: those that have direct drive, and players that have a belt drive. In turntables with belt transmission, the engine is attached to a small roller, rotating a large transmission belt, which in turn is connected to the disk.

Equipment that has a belt drive costs an order of magnitude less, but it takes more time to get there. When setting the pitch, it can be a little “slow”, so these vinyl players do not use for scratching.

They are also much more problematic than manually setting the speed.

The main advantage of turntables with direct drive is that they are all equipped with a motor with a powerful magnetic ring rotating the disc. This design feature allows the turntables of this type to significantly speed up the required speed.


Each DJ should have a pair of good headphones, greatly improving performance. First of all, they are used for personal listening of tracks. What kind of headphones to buy? In principle, they are all designed for the same, so build on the amount that you are willing to spend.

The most popular brands: Sennheiser, Pioneer and Sony. We will not select any model, but there are criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing headphones.


Unlike gaming models, laptops for DJs do not differ in anything special. The only thing is, such a computer must support the software needed to create electronic music. It’s safe to say that most modern laptops are suitable for DJing. Minimum requirements: 2 GB of RAM, 25 GB of free hard disk space, a Core 2 duo processor and a couple of USB connectors. If you decide to buy a new laptop, pay attention to the characteristics of models, determine which parameters you want to pay more attention. Or you can use the computer that you currently have.

DJ controller / mixer

When you start using your laptop and MP3 player as a music source, you will definitely want to purchase a DJ controller. There are so many types of controllers and mixers, so try to talk about this equipment as easily as possible for the beginner.

Find the controller that connects to the computer via USB, has a built-in sound card and audio interface, because they are easy to connect and operate, compared to other mixers. Using the sound card of the controller and computer allows you to hear what sounds in the main microphone and headphones.

Numark and Serato are worthy companies manufacturing controllers. They also develop DJ software that is used when working with controllers.



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