Android apps for your smart home

Are all the windows closed? Is the light switched off? Did not anyone make it into the apartment? If your house is connected to the Internet, it’s enough to look at the smartphone screen to see if everything is in order. This is made possible by smart home systems. And the most wonderful thing is that you can manage your home from everywhere. You just need to press the buttons on the smartphone’s screen to mute the lights in the living room, adjust the heating or turn on the TV.

In the heating system, the connection to the mobile device provides a smart thermostat. For windows, this task is performed by the sensor, which registers the opening and closing of the leaflets. A TV, a floor lamp or a coffee maker are connected to the Internet using smart outlets.

Smart home applications


Opening the front door through the smartphone.

When using ENTR Smart Lock or August Smart Lock, you can leave the key at the front door at home. After all, the electronic door lock will open when you drag your finger from top to bottom in the application. The command to open the lock is obtained through an encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy connection. When you are not at home, you can provide a limited time-limited access to the house of friends or callers. If someone living with you still wants to open the door with the usual key, it’s possible to do it. The clever ENTR lock about 400$ is installed on the inside of the door and is not visible from the outside.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Gigaset Elements

We protect the dwelling from uninvited guests.

With the Gigaset Elements Starter Kit you will make your home safer by spending only about 200$. The start-up equipment includes a central control point, a motion sensor, and a doorbreaking sensor. Unlike other security systems, the door sensor detects an attempted violent penetration (noise level). In this case, you will receive a notification via the application on your smartphone. With it, you can also enable the presence or absence mode at home and determine when the security system should be activated. The window opening sensor, the camera and the siren are optionally available.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Panasonic Home Network

Full protection for all occasions.

The Panasonic Smart Home security system will alert you by a phone call also if you are offline. With the help of an Internet connection, the mobile application Panasonic Home Network System will also notify you about the incident. The initiator of the alarm can be one of the sensors for the door (window), glass breakage sensor or water leakage from the Starter Kit Plus kit about 350$. When installing additional hardware modules, the application also allows you to monitor what is happening inside or outside your home, turn on or off household appliances, control lighting, a landline phone and much more.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Philips Hue

You will no longer forget to turn off the lights.

LED lamps Philips Hue are most popular among fans of smart homes. After all, using a mobile application, their owners can not only change the color of the emitted light, but also set the automatic on and off. If the geolocation function is activated, they automatically go out when you leave the house. If desired, you can integrate LED Philips lamps into existing systems for a smart home (for example, RWE SmartHome). Then they will turn on when the motion sensors trigger and then turn off after a certain time. The connection to intelligent lighting with three colored E27 lamps and Hue Bridge hub will cost you about 250$.

Platforms: Android, iOS


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